The greatest investment opportunity in the heart of Europe

PARK CITY Triblavina is potentially one of the greatest development project in Central Europe. The largest compact and settled location is situated in the attractive development corridor of the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava. It has the dynamic potential to become a project of the City of the Future.

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Space for the Future

Interest Area

Bratislava, Triblavina

Slovakia (Basic Data)
Total area: 49.035 km2
Number of inhabitants: 5.4 mil.
Capital city: Bratislava
Member: European Union, Eurozone,
Schengen Zone, OECD, WTO, NATO
Time zone: GMT + 1 hour


  • Bratislava – Vienna65 km
  • Bratislava – Budapest197 km
  • Bratislava – Praha329 km
  • Bratislava – Krakov413 km
  • Bratislava – Záhreb379 km
  • Bratislava – Ľubľana450 km

The Heart of Central Europe

In the middle of a busy, dynamic happening in the centre of Central Europe, in a climatically moderate environment with a wealth of potable water, green nature, and on the banks of the second largest European river, the Danube, lies the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava – heart of Central Europe.

Although Bratislava is a historical coronation town, today it is also a modern city with excellent growth potential. It is the economic, scientific, research, industrial, social, and political centre of Slovakia with a direct connection to Central European transport networks – airport, railway, naval, as well as highway networks.

Bratislava is a developed European metropolis. It is a city of many faces, pleasant fragrances, and varied cuisine. The abundant cultural and social life of the city is supplemented with excellent opportunities to spend free time in surrounding areas. Those who fancy high-bred horses, golf, water sports, or fabulous wines, as well as friends of opera, jazz, or the fine arts can enjoy their time here.

Triblavina is a property located at the north-east of the capital city Bratislava, on a strategic route, in a place without industrial development, on the border of built-up municipalities, with the possibility of developing challenging, modern, and futuristic projects on a huge area and green field

The Future Will Grow Here

The location Triblavina offers space for ecological projects, the construction of research and development centres, logistics parks, strategically located services and civic amenities, university premises, office premises of the 21st century, or revolutionary accommodation for people who care about the meaningful use of the environment with an emphasis on sustainable development.

The property has been settled, consolidated and defined as a development area in zoning plans. With its area and majesty within Europe,  Triblavina is a unique location which is prepared for unique investment from the perspective of legislation as well as infrastructure. The property is not encumbered in any way. Investors can immediately start carrying out their projects at this location.

The most significant traffic artery of Slovakia crosses the territory of  Triblavina. The most frequented D1 highway together with D4 highway (under construction) offer an ideal connection to the capital city, and all important domestic as well as international traffic routes.


  • Triblavina – Cargo railway6 km
  • Triblavina – International airport8 km
  • Triblavina – Freight port13 km
  • Triblavina – Historic centre15 km
  • Triblavina – State border with Austria19 km
  • Triblavina – State border with Hungary29 km
  • Triblavina – State border with the Czech Republic69 km

Functional use

Area: 285,49 ha, potential of extension up to 500 ha

Cadastre area: Chorvátsky Grob (157.88 ha), Bernolákovo (127.61 ha), District of Senec, Bratislava Region.

The functional use of the lands depends on the distance to the D1 highway:
I) Mixed-use area of civic amenities, production,and non-production services.
II) Mixed-use area of residence and civic amenities.


Bernolákovo Cadastre

  • Sector I.15.80 ha
  • Sector II.A6.85 ha
  • Sector II.B6.96 ha
  • Sector III.SOLD
  • Sector IV.A2.33 ha
  • Sector IV.B27.50 ha
  • Sector IV.C12.57 ha
  • Acreage Bernolákovo127.61 ha

Chorvátsky Grob Cadastre

  • Sector V.19.28 ha
  • Sector VI.A97.50 ha
  • Sector VI.B4.72 ha
  • Sector VII.A29.00 ha
  • Sector VII.B7.38 ha
  • Acreage Chorvátsky Grob157.88 ha
  • Total acreage285.49 ha

All You Need

Project success on such a promising location like Triblavina depends on the quality of prepared technical infrastructure and utilities.

We have thought of future development and we count on the needs and possibilities that the location offers.

All of the building permits and water-right permits for utilities for the location Triblavina have been issued.

Supply is resolved with sufficient capacity of the local distribution network, calculated for supplying the entire location and all properties within the area.

Traffic connection to the area in the ownership of Starland Holding a.s. is prepared by means of the highway intersection of D1-Triblavina.


Description of individual utilities in the area:

  • Water main:feeder water main DN 400, ductile iron, capacity 50 l/s
  • Gas main:moderated pressure feeder gas main D315, pressure of 0.3 MPa, ca- pacity RSP 12.000 m3/hour
  • Sewerage:water delivery main DN 150, capa- city 75 l/s
  • Surface water drain:storm water drainage by means of retention tanks (each entity on their own property) into the river Čierna Voda
  • Weak current (internet telephone, TV, …):optic cables installations of two operators SWAN, Telekom in the territory
  • HV:HV is fed into the territory and by means of sectioning point HV performance is distributed using cables into individual objects. To- tal maximum potential capacity of HV feed point is 20 MW.


Highway Intersection

Triblavina, exit D1

The structure is a multi level interchanges on highway D1 (18,080 km) in the section Bratislava – Senec. The structure belongs to the extension of the project to the D1 motorway Bratislava – Trnava.

Basic Information / Process

  • Distance:1 630 m (interchange Triblavina)
  • Location:Bratislava county, district Senec, Town Bernolákovo, Chorvátsky Grob
  • Financing:Government
  • Start of the construction:2014
  • Planned finish of the construction:2016

  • Technical study:Submission: 09/2009
  • Process EIA:Final approval of EIA: 05/2010
  • Zoning permission:approved: 08/2010
  • Building permission:approved: 02/2013 ( stage), 05/2013 (II.nd stage)
  • Public tender of the General Contractor:start: 09/2013 finish: 04/2015

Space for everyone

PARK CITY Triblavina will grow in sight of one of the greatest Central European commercial and business zones, constituting the north-eastern part of the city between the historical centre of Bratislava and the international airport of M.R. Štefánik (Avion Shopping Park, Galvaniho Business Centre, Korzo, Pharos Park, Shopping Palace). In the close vicinity of the newly-growing zone, surrounding municipalities have civic amenities, services, shops, restaurants and possibilities for spending free time, engaging in sports or relaxing in the popular relaxation zone of Zlaté Piesky.

Education (School/Pre-school)
Fitness & relax (Soccer/Tennis/Golf/Motorsport)
Healthcare (Healthcare center/Pharmacy)
Food (Restaurant/Fastfood/Caffe)
Accommodation (Hotel/Motel/Hostel)
Shopping park (Avion Shopping Park, Pharos Park, Korzo, Shopping Palace)
Business center (Galvaniho Business Center, Tuhovská)
Transport (Railway station/Bus station)
Retail (Food/Non Food)

existing planned

Zoning Plan



Permitted function (for regulated area #. U48):

Mixed-use with town structure predominantly with area of civic amenities, low rise residential, residential and recreation, including transportation, infrastructure and landscape.

Permitted function (for regulated area #. U49):

Mixed-use with town structure predominantly with area of civic amenities, residential and recreation, including transportation, infrastructure and landscape.

Permitted function (for regulated area #. U52):

Mixed-use with town structure predominantly with area of civic amenities, transportation, infrastructure and landscape.

Zoning plan




Mixed-use area of civic amenities, production and non-production service, max. ratio of build up area 0,6, max. height 22,5m


Mixed-use area of civic amenities, production and non-production service, max. ratio of build up area 0,4, max. height 22,5m


Mixed-use area of Residential and civic amenities, max. ratio of build up area 0,4, max. height 10,0m

City of the Future

The Largest Central European Project


It is rare to have such a huge area available for development and investment that is consolidated, with excellent infrastructure, and an exceptional location.

Today the time has come to think of challenging and exceptional development projects which can enrich the Central European area with an attractive City of the Future. This new zone can focus on the most important aspect of creative human potential

Our goal is to stand at the origination of a zone with established innovations, non-traditional solutions that will be in line with sustainable development, and an ecological approach to accom- modation and living.

It is exciting to be at the start.

It Is Exciting
to Be at the Start

Thanks to its extraordinary infrastructure, excellent layout, plenty of green areas, and excellent accessibility, Triblavina could be a space for a futuristic solution of new urbanism or ecological housing, science and research projects, quality education, logistics, the sophisticated industry of information technologies, or major cultural and social projects.

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Build on Success

At present, the Company primarily focuses on the development of the largest project in the region of Central Europe located at Triblavina next to the capital city Bratislava, that has the ambition to become a pilot project in terms of architecture, ecology, science and research, informatics and new urbanism for residential.

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Company introduction

Company: Starland Holding a.s.
Seat: Hurbanovo nám. 6, 811 03 Bratislava

Established: January 16, 1996 (incorporated in the Commer- cial Register of District Court Bratislava I., Section Sa, File No. 1007/B)


  • investment activity and development
  • acquisition of lands
  • preparation of the area
  • preparation and execution of projects
  • facility management
  • financing development and operational phase of projects



  • Development and gradual evaluation of assets in the company’s ownership – 285 ha of property in the location  Triblavina in the main development corridor of Bratislava and the entire Slovakia
  • Building of a strong development company with a focus on the Slovak market with a significant share in the market of commercial and residential properties in the Bratislava region.


Our Principles:

  • sustainable development
  • efficiency
  • quality environment
  • balanced and non-conflict transport
  • responsibility towards society, clients, investors and broader surroundings
  • creativity, innovation and inspiration


Legal Info

Financial reports and financial statements

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Contact info

  • name and address:Starland Holding a.s.
    Hurbanovo nám. 6
    811 03 Bratislava
  • billing information: IČO: 35 683 015
    DIČ: 2020860820
    IČ DPH: SK2020860820
  • email:

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